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Queen Victoria was a pretty interesting woman. In her lifetime she survived multiple assassins, she was barely five feet tall, she was the first ever royal to live at Buckingham Palace and her name wasn’t even Victoria! Suffice to say there was rarely a dull day in the life of the old monarch, which is why her 200th birthday is worth shouting about… or stuffing your face with cake, either one! The Milestone Hotel & Residences has created a quintessentially British feast to pay homage to the anniversary that, we’re sure, would’ve captured the attention of Queen Vic.

Head Pastry Chef – what a job – Chloe Hemery has prepped a vast selection of Victorian-themed treats to highlight and replicate some of Her Majesty’s favourite flavours. Battenberg cake for example has popped up on the menu, as it was in fact created for the wedding of Princess Victoria (Queen V’s granddaughter) to Louis of, yep you guessed it, Batternberg in 1884! Bet you didn’t know that, eh? You’ll also find traditional Victoria sponge cake, duh! Which was indeed named after the Queen herself. Alongside beetroot and chocolate mousse dome designed to reflect on her 10-year mourning of her beloved Prince Albert and strawberry and rhubarb mousse.

We must say, The Milestone hotel has celebrated quite the milestone with this tea. Queen Victoria very nearly fell victim to Scottish poet Roderick Maclean’s shot at her carriage with a pistol so we think she deserves a whole lotta credit (and cake). What’s more, Queen Victoria and her husband Prince Albert popularised the Christmas tree so you have her to thank for that too, and the tradition of a white wedding dress – what a pioneer!

So, in keeping with tradition, a word Victoria herself seemed to have given a whole host of meaning to, the afternoon tea will boast all of the favourite’s we know and love such as plain and fruit scones, sandwiches and pastries. Plus, why not cheers to Queen Victoria’s memory with a pot of tea from the Planter’s Range or, if you’re feeling punchy, a little (or lottle) bit of fizz!

The tea is surely a royal fave for those visiting England and opting for a good dose of British history. What with The Crown being the Netflix series on everyone’s lips at present, it seems like The Milestone Hotel & Residences have implemented some great timing alongside their sweet treats and we will you to try them out as it’s a limited edition offering.

The tea will run until Sunday, 2nd June 2019 at The Milestone Hotel & Residences, 1 Kensington Court, W8 5DL,

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