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If you’ve been reading The Handbook over the last few weeks, you’ll know how floral mad we’ve gone – from floral rooftops to wisteria hysteria, we’ve covered it all. We aren’t the only ones who have gone mad over this floral frenzy either, it’s splattered left, right and centre across social media, especially on the ‘gram. And trust us, from what we can see, it’s only just the beginning. Just look at Chelsea! It’s utterly submerged in outlandishly awesome floral displays that have people stopping to grab photos.

Produced by Cadogan, in association with the Royal Horticultural Society, Chelsea in Bloom is running until the 25th coinciding with Chelsea Flower Show, helping you to stash Instagram’s for  the next few weeks. Over 80 shops, restaurants and hotels will all be interpreting this years theme, Under The Sea, and participating from Sloane Street, Pavillion Road, Duke of York Square, and for the first year, King’s Road, to celebrate its re-launch in 2019. This year, organisers Cadogan are working alongside Plastic Oceans UK, a charity devoted to ending plastic pollution and a charity point will be in Sloane Square, with an interactive installation helping to raise awareness.

So, expect a bunch of fish, whales, dolphins, clams and, well, other strange nautical looking things cropping up. Chelsea, you’re really making waves…

A pretty tents-cool (geddit?) pink octopus seizes a lobster outside Kim McDonough’s

We’re all shopping in a yellow submarine… Hackett London’s sensational sea life shopfront

The sticks’n’sushi sea goddess

Chelsea is a treasure trove of floral goodies

What you pouting at?

Shark Tales

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Octopussy 🐙

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Legs galore!

The star of the show

Fashionably floral

Chelsea in Bloom can be found, well, everywhere in Chelsea!