The Handbook
The Handbook

Our favourite satellite of them all, after Sputnik, and maybe the one that does Sky Sports, has to be the Moon. We flipping love the Moon, with it’s little acne face beaming down on us as we snore; Neil Armstrong once walked on it and a cow once jumped over it. And now it’s coming to Greenwich.

Moon Festival is a week-long cultural smorgasbord of events taking place in the Royal Borough of Greenwich, and it all revolves around the moon (although, obviously, the moon will be revolving around us, but you know what we mean).

The combo of politics, music, gastronomy and astronomy, all seen through the lens of the Moon, will make Greenwich the place to be this July. Not sure what moon-themed gastronomy is? Us neither, we’ll just have to all go.

The opening night of the festival will consist of a free street party and lunar market with Moon-themed music, street art, astronomy, spoken word and food, all of which will be washed down with an all-night Midnight Moon Run (apparently walk is more accurate, phew!), comprised of a bespoke theatrical all-night tour of Woolwich. As if that wasn’t enough, there’ll be a Moon Cocktails Masterclass, plus ‘Maverick Women and the Moon’, a talk headlined by actual Margaret Atwood.

And don’t expect a lunar-eclipse during the week, the moon stuff will continue, with OAP cabaret and an event called’Witches Worshipping the Moon by a real life witch, Treadwells Bookshop founder Christina Oakley Harrintgon who will be broomsticking in specially. Thought politics hadn’t gotten to the moon yet? You’d be wrong, check out Politics and the Moon, a debate in honour of the 50th anniversary of the Moon Landing: what legal, ethical, political rights do we have over the Moon? 

The end of the trip will involve a closing party under the hull of the Cutty Sark, served with live-music, projection mapping and an astronomy tour.

Basically, you’d be a lunar-tic not to go!