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The Handbook

This morning James Corden dropped some of the most exciting news we’ve heard since we discovered there were four bank holidays in a month: there’s a new Gavin & Stacey coming! And think what you might about Corden, Gavin & Stacey is one of the most heart-warming sitcoms ever made and it’s coming back for Christmas 2019.

We’re short on facts at present, but the script’s in and it’s going to be a one-off Christmas special. And we’ll be back in Barry and Essex and all our favourite characters will be back (except potty-mouthed Dorris, played by Margaret John, who sadly died in 2011).

We last saw Smithy, Gavin, Stacey, Nessa, Uncle Bryn and the gang a whole decade ago and so much has happened since. Corden, who plays Smithy, went off the rails, then became humble then was catapulted into one of the world’s biggest talk show hosts (which itself should be a film script). Uncle Bryn, AKA Rob Brydon, now goes on holiday with Steve Coogan, Sheridan Smith, who plays Smithy’s sister, spent a few years being in literally everything to much acclaim (apart from her West End show Funny Girl where she reportedly got drunk on stage).

Corden, who wrote the show along with real-life Nessa Ruth Jones, has the potential for a global hit on his hands, given his newfound fame in America, but also has the weight of expectation from a nation that holds Gavin & Stacey close to our hearts. A reboot after 10 years could go very wrong. But we’re confident that Corden, Jones and the BBC, won’t let this be anything but a huge success.

So get on Dave Coaches and head straight for Barry Island this Christmas, there’s only 211 sleeps until Gavin & Stacey Christmas Special!