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The Handbook

The moon is a curious old thing that sits quite majestically in the sky and has a whole load of history attached to it. Did you know the temperature on the moon varies from super hot to super cold and that it measures 3,476km in diameter– that’s roughly a quarter of the size of Earth! It’s a dusty ball of rock but it’s also a beautiful one to boot that is said to effect our moods as, in astrological terms, the moon is said to be connected with the emotional body – so, if you’re ever feeling grumpy, just blame it on the moon…

In celebration of the celestial, bulbous, silver delight that keeps us all spinning, The National History Museum are inviting you to party under the light of the luna this year as a six-metre moon installation shines its influence on London.

The Museum of the Moon comes from the hand of artist Luke Jerram and sees a huge moon take centre stage in the museum’s Jerwood Gallery. Events will thus take place as private and corporate functions are given the opportunity to orbit underneath the moon in all of its grey glory.

The installation is world-renowned and is no blasé attempt at replication. Oh no, this moon features detailed NASA imagery which perfectly replicates the moon’s surface. So, you can save yourself $150 million dollars and three days of floating about the place and see the moon up close with tipple in toe.

The moon from Jerram has been enjoyed since 2016, when it made its debut in Bristol. Since, it has travelled, or orbited if you will, to festivals, sporting events and in public spaces where many a gawking gatherer has embraced the artistry. It’s of no surprise that artist Jerram is “proud to be bringing Museum of the Moon to a space as iconic and prestigious as the Natural History Museum,” as a result.

Luna events to pop in your diary include yoga sessions, for yourself and, if you have little ones, then they can join too, and a luna cheese and wine evening which just sounds dreamy! There’s also The Companion: Moon experience which explores the relationship between our planet and the Moon and the constant push and pull between these two celestial bodies in a free performance. The unique space paves the way for intimate drinks receptions, private events and summer and Christmas parties and we love this news to the moon and back…

Museum of the Moon can be found at the Natural History Museum, Cromwell Road, South Kensington, SW7 5BD,