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The Handbook

Airline food is the worst, it really is. If you’re sat in economy or economy plus then you might as well be eating a 1970 microwave meal. Well not on Emirates, or at least, not on the Emirates Air Line. London’s most bizarre mode of transport, the cable car aimlessly taking you to where the Olympics once happened, has teamed up with one of our favourite restaurants, Jimmy Garcia’s to bring you ‘sky high dining’ (totally not sky high, but still a couple hundred feet in the air).

Launching tomorrow, Jimmy Garcia’s Sky High Dining really puts the UP in pop-up as it launches the dinner every Wednesday and Thursday evening from until mid-September. As you trundle from Greenwich to Stratford admire the industrial bit of the Thames as you sip on Champagne and tuck into a meal from the celebrated pop-upist.

A woman enjoys the view on on a private ‘champage flight’ above the Thames, on the Emirates Air Line

So what will your dangleway dining experience look like? Well upon arrival you’ll be served ‘bubbles’ and canapés before enjoying a starter of scallop served with chickpea, chorizo and cauliflower. Guests will then climb onboard their four-man cable car to enjoy the main course mid-flight. Lamb rump, served with pea and broad bean salad, roscoff onion, potato terrine, pea and mint puree and an onion jus sounds pretty perfect (for veggies there’s ‘Ricotta Gnudi’ featuring Gnudi served with purple sprouting broccoli (yes, purple!), gremolata, brown butter dressing, seasonal squash and toasted sunflower seeds).

After the main course, it’s time to head out once again, this time munching through a pudding of Jimmy’s ‘Mint Aero in the Clouds’ a white chocolate sphere served with a concoction of passion fruit curd, meringue shards, coconut financier, fresh mango topped with a rum and passionfruit syrup.

As you come into ‘land’ enjoy cocktails and petit fours and, bonus, no need to fold up your table or return your seat to the upright position.