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The Handbook

You may have seen that, last month, we announced that the search for Young Chef of The Year was on and now, after a whole lot of stirring, burning, swearing and plating up, the 16 finalists have been announced!

Chefs all tend to start off young. Gordon Ramsay? Well, he left behind a career in athletics at a young age to become a professional insulter. Sorry, we meant chef. Then there’s Heston Blumenthal whose interest in cooking began at the age of sixteen on a family holiday to Provence, France, and after visiting a Michelin whilst there he decided to pursue his career in cooking. Wow, at sixteen we were probably still playing kiss chase and stealing our parents alcohol

The young chefs in this competition are seriously impressive. They’re all under 30 and were selected after submitting an original four-course menu at £45 per head, with costings for 50 covers. The finalists were announced by M Restaurant and Bookatable by Michelin and the winner will be crowned on the 4th of September after a summer more gruelling than finding a partner on Love Island.

Voting criteria will be based on the quality of the cooking and marketing on the night – gosh, we’re starting to understand why G Ramsay swears so much. Plus, there will be an ethical focus that delves into sustainable sourcing of ingredients and resourceful handling of food waste. Chefs will be given extra points if they keep the latter in mind.

The budding chefs will be under the gaze of some total kitchen pros, including Sabrina Gidda, Steve Groves, Ben Tish, Alyn Williams and James Knappett.

The full list of finalists are as follows: 

Michael Turner – Gordon Ramsay Restaurants
Salvatore Ascolese – Gaucho
Will Bowman Smith – The Swan Inn
Matthew Hurry – Laurent Restaurant Café Royal
Roberto Teccolo – Umu
Luke Bryan – Kricket
Lucy Wigmore – Tewinbury Farm Hotel
Milan Maffioli – Bokan 37
Kishun Chhiba – Cinnamon Club
Jordan Kerridge – The Stafford London
David Mastrangeli – Fairmont
John Carreon – Holiday Inn Edinburgh
Stefano Campione – Barge East
Jamie Warley – St Ermin’s Hotel
Lily Stock – Boodle’s
Patrick Metselaar – Kricket
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