The Handbook
The Handbook

Your top secret mission, should you choose to accept it, is to unmask enemy agents, save the country oh, and drink cocktails with your mates.

COLAB is an immersive theatre company bringing Spy City, an evening of spy-based drama, to The Amber Bar, the subterranean venue on Flat Iron Square, and it’ll be totally spy-tacular. From the moment you walk in, you’ll take on your new life as a secret agent and over the course of an evening expect to collect secret packages, chase enemy agents, uncover your own true identity all while evading capture from malign government forces.

Also, while operational, expect to enjoy alcoholic beverages and (spying’s thirsty work) courtesy of Bathtub Gin and Signature Brewery, which you’ll need as you defy both enemies and the fourth wall in a spectacular evening spent undercover around London Bridge, searching for safe houses, breaking in, hiding in air vents, getting chased through the underground and even being tied up and interrogated.

COLAB theatre previously brought us an immersive adaptation of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, set in a warehouse squat at the height of 1990s rave culture, as well as Crooks, an East End gangster themed night (‘Don’t be a copper, Don’t be a mug’), and they’re pretty much the go-to people for anyone looking to be immersed in another world and looking for a thrilling evening.

The new production launches this Friday, 21st June, and promises to be a completely different way to start the weekend, offer a truly immersive experience. Book now, for Queen and country, and all that…