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The Handbook

Calling all animal lovers! While your expectations of the zoo might be hoards of children running riot, trying to poke a baby chimps eye out, the reality is far from it. ZSL London Zoo has launched adult-only zoo nights so you can revel in your childhood days without screaming kids charging at full pelt towards you and the animals…

Until July 26th, you can experience London’s notorious zoo in a way you’ve never seen before. Every Friday night, they’ll be combining wildlife and city life, allowing you to see your favourite animals while living it up on your work-free night! Come Monday, you’ll be boasting to your work colleagues about the oddest animal facts you never thought you needed to know when you return from ZSL London Zoo‘s new guided tour, you’ll never see a moon-walking emu…

Ever wondered how you fave animal gets it on? No? Well, you’re about to find out anyway… Uncover what animals really get up to after dark on the Birds and the Bees tour. You’ll be guided by experts who will in turn help you unravel the precarious sex lives of the animal kingdom.

Test out your rusty golfing skills and battle it out as you embark in ZSL London Zoo’s new plonk crazy golf course. Travel the world in 9-holes, featuring the craziest of loops, balancing beams and ramps. Loser buys the next round!

What’s a Friday night out without hitting up a street food vendor? At ZSL London Zoo, you can enjoy an array of flavours and cuisines from across the globe that’ll be sure to satisfy your foodie cravings, whether you’re a herbivore or carnivore. Chillax to the beat of the guitar as there’s live acoustic music filling the air, along with a cheeky chimp screeching as he tries to grab a french fry!

Whether you’re wanting to get up close and personal with a lion or ponder over to the indoor rainforest, ZSL London Zoo’s Zoo Nights run every Friday until July 26th, at Outer Cir, London NW1 4RY,