You’re It! World Chase Tag Arrives In London

By Lottie Woodrow |
11th June 2019

At school you have the sporty kids who play football, netball, basketball, tennis, and you have the non sporty ones who enjoy watching from the sidelines, dodging the ball. But by lunchtime, this all changed. Every kid on the playing field ran riot in the good ol’ game of tag. There’s now the chance to relive your childhood days by competing in a game of World Chase Tag and us lucky Londoners will be amongst the first non-pros globally to have a shot at testing the course for free.

If only we knew you could plat tag competitively, right? Well, World Chase Tag is slightly more complex than now as the game blends parkour with the playground favourite, tag. The London event is powered by PRO 2GO, a new range of high protein vegan snacks. While the course usually tackled by expert parkour athletes, people of all abilities and levels are encouraged to jump, duck and dodge in hope of evading their speedy opponents.

You’ll have to think fast but move even faster while you jump on the course as each chase lasts a maximum of 20 seconds. The winning competitor continues on as the evader is replaced by another chaser whose hungry for the crown. Your team will be awarded one point for each successful evade so get your skates on if you want to win. Of course, you’ll be advised fully by parkour instructors prior to the competing and listen up as they might even spill some tips for dodging the chaser.

If you fancy seeing how improve your skills for next time, on June 27th, the professionals will be taking to the course for the European qualifier of the World Chase Tag championships.

Grab your free tickets here for a game of World Chase Tag on June 26th and 27th, at York Hall, 5 Old Ford Road, E2 9PJ,

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