Real Life Dating Events That You’d Actually Want To Go To

By Lottie Hulme |
20th June 2019

It’s another year, you’re still single, and you’re sick of dating apps. You’ve got this romantic idea where you’ll meet someone in real life, say at a bar, or by making prolonged eye contact with that attractive stranger on the same train you take to work. But you’ve had this hope for a while now and nothing is happening, and before you know it you’re re-downloading tinder and swiping through profiles like popcorn. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Dating events have come a long way since that one couple that are friends with your parents met at speed dating. They say all things get better with time, and this year is the official start of the singles event renaissance.

Blazing the trail is Dutch dating app The Inner Circle, who had this to say:

“People are tired of dating apps, which is an issue for us as that’s predominantly what we are”, said one app representative. “So rather than trying to convince people to give ours a try, we looked at the root problem. People aren’t sick of apps in general, everyone still loves Instagram, they’re just sick of the ones that don’t give anything back. Which is why we’re bringing all the perks of online dating to people in the real world.”

This realisation led to a renewed focus on their events, something they’ve been doing since launching back in 2012, and has long been a favourite feature of the app’s user base. The result? Dating events at cool bars, with non-gimmicky ice-breaking entertainment, and singles that actually talk to you.

The most recent success was a Great Gatsby immersive theatre experience in Southwark. The app booked out an entire performance and by passing the tickets on to its members, it combined an incredible speakeasy style setting, regular breaks for drinks and flirting, and had the show itself serving as the ideal conversation starter.

The Inner Circle runs these events every month in cities globally, from rooftops to the kind of bars you’ve always wanted to go but never knew how to find. You can score yourself tickets (and take one step closer to actually meeting someone IRL) by doing the following:

  1. Register for The Inner Circle here
  2. See when the next event is and grab a ticket while you can
  3. Show up, and prepare to be swept off your feet.

The Inner Circle 

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