Sail The Ocean Blue Aboard Your Floating Barbecue

By Phil Clarke, Editor of The Handbook website Phil Clarke |
4th June 2019

From Sir Francis Drake seeing off the Spanish Armada to Nelson defeating the French at Trafalgar, we’re a seafaring nation. Whether it’s the Cutty Sark or the Hull to Rotterdam car ferry, we just belong on the open waters. We also like burnt sausages, grilled halloumi and third degree burns. Now there’s a service that combines all of this.

HotTug, the company whose name sounds suspiciously like it was conceived during an intimate moment, are the guys who¬†us the hot tub boat. Many a weekend have been enjoyed sailing up and down Regent’s Canal skippering a floating hot tub, surrounded by some of the most scantily clad crews since Admiral Lord Nelson was moved to utter ‘kiss me, Hardy’, but now there’s something else.

Welcome the bbq boat. The concept’s pretty much the same as the hut tug, but they’ve pulled the plug and installed a barbecue instead. This burger battleship, sausage schooner or drumstick dinghy will be bobbing around West India Quay from July and will be available to hire for just shy of two hours for you and nine friends. Just bring copious amounts of raw meat and plenty of booze and set full steam (or smoke) ahead.

It goes without saying that putting another shrimp on the barby takes on a whole new meaning when you could concievebly catch your own as you sail past, Bubba Gump style. But one thing’s for sure, you know where you’ll find us come July.

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