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Uber is the world’s biggest taxi firm, but doesn’t have any taxis. Airbnb is the planet’s largest hotel chain, but doesn’t own a single hotel. Alibaba is the biggest retailer, yet it doesn’t have any shops. So when say they plan to be the world’s biggest restaurant chain without owning any restaurants, maybe we should sit up and listen? The new app launching today, aims to connect people through food, bringing together hosts and guests to enjoy all kinds of food experiences.

Entrepreneur David Harriott is leading’s UK launch. After successfully setting up his own events and property companies, he has become the confidant of millionaires, billionaires and Royalty. He has joined forces with James Hill, the founder of, and decided to return to his hospitality roots with what he believes is the future of culinary experiences.

Founder James Hill has built a reputation on being able to create cutting edge moneymaking projects, having launched three startups and three successful exits. Hill is most known for founding the LUXOS brand, which in 2016 merged with a successful Tech scale up company now valued at $1.5 billion and plans to become the biggest travel company in the world. Now Hill faces a new challenge in the form of, a small app with big ambitions.

And they’ve every reason to be ambitious: with partners like Morton’s Private Members’ Club, Sophie Steak House, The London Cabaret Club, Opium London and Crazy Bear lining up to stake their reputations on the new player, there’s clearly something to it.

The app concept is simple, users join for free and then use the new platform to find all kinds of experiences from meal sharing, restaurant master classes, cooking labs, dinner and show, book an aspiring chef experience, socialize and meet new people.  For businesses, the app presents a cost-effective way to trial new creative products as well as targeting very specific audiences to generate new revenue stream and gain almost free social media exposure.

So if you’re a London foodie, check out, the app designed for London foodies.

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