London is positively brimming with private members’ clubs; from The Century Club discreetly tucked away behind Shaftesbury Avenue and Quo Vadis housed in a former brothel, to Annabel’s – the ultimate pin-up girl when it comes to a place to escape to, membership in hand. But have you heard of Fiena (and if not, why not?) Taking the female networking arena by storm, Fiena seeks to subvert the norm and swap cocktail sipping with a range of adventure rooted experiences – from golf and astrology to penthouse parties and co-working.

 Throwing open its metaphorical doors in 2017, The Fiena Members Club is the best friend of the millennial female, introducing a rebel spirit to the ladies of London, New York and Dubai.

From our lives being spiced up by the Spice Girls, viva-ing forever, to the Suffragettes holding signs up high to secure us the vote, it has been proven throughout history that once determined gals get together, the unattainable can be achieved.

On the subject of famous names, Fiena is no stranger. The members’ club, whose hashtag #iamfiena is spreading like wildfire, is a favourite amongst female Olympians, DJs and CEO’s, all of which congregate across a variety of venues to let the diversity of their friendships open up new doors of business, in a Cindy Lauper ‘Girls Just Wanna Have Fun’ kinda way. Take eco-fashion brand owner Saher who joined Fiena to “do business with girls she can have a laugh with!”

As the world’s first ever global members club for female pioneers, Fiena is a feisty champion at subverting the norm and doesn’t exist as a single venue. Instead, the coveted crew sashay across the city to a host of venues and indulge in all aspects of lifestyle and adventure. Why not book in that long-awaited back rub and join a Club Spa Day at Akasha Spa Or, pull up a pew and immerse yourself with green tea and conversations at Uncommon for a Fiena Fridays co-working day.

We can imagine the #Fiena woman is a mix of a Beyoncé circa Who Run The World, Girls, and Michelle Obama giving her first lady speech, oh and Anna Wintour wearing sunglasses to a runway show. She’s sexy, she’s driven and she’s a sucker for Champagne and a social network. It’s for women who share a global vision, and who want and demand more!

Alongside Fienas promise of real connections, friendships and business partnerships, there’s an unparalleled, arms wide open feel to the club, with no stuffy and judgmental attitudes flaunted. You can flip open your laptop in comfort and extend your social circle at the likes of the South Kensington Club, and more.

With access to 50+ exclusive events and adventures, we understand why Real Estate Sales Negotiator Saira Ishfao says “every time I think about the club I get so excited,” and champion bodybuilder Suzie Volkes believes “Fiena is a global group of SuperSheroes.” 

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What’s more, Fiena knows all too well that pumping passion into fitness works wonders for wellbeing which is why they createdthe Samurai Division. Here, you can meander your mind across an encyclopedic range of events, from boxing and dirt biking, to super-car racing and wrestling. 

Fiena stands heads above the rest because it highlights five fabulous divisions of experience. There’s Showstopper, which is glitz and glam, cocktails and canapes-think private penthouse parties and London Fashion Week. Heart & Soul focuses intently on spirituality, whilst Magic entices the wanderlust in you and promises adventures abroad; past trips inclusive of Costa Rica, Portugal and Majorca. Not forgetting, Gentlewoman which panders to your intellectual side and indulges you in a range of debates and seminars. The divisions provide diversity to Fiena, making it a club that’s a far cry away from espresso martinis and canapes!

It’s opportunities like the latter that makes Fiena turn heads and draw the gaze of many an impassioned female. As inviting as plush sofas and pool tables are at private members’ club venues, Fiena offers a uniqueness, recognising that everyone views ‘fun’ in contrasting ways. Alas, they offer a spectrum of things to do, maintaining their values of adventure and kindness, (allowing contemporary girls to connect in a new way). If you want to join a crew where one size certainly doesn’t fit all and labels are thrown out at full pelt, then Fiena welcomes you to do so.

Want to join? Well, it’s for those who are ‘extraordinarily interesting and interested’ like you, leading lady! Simply apply online and reap the rewards of one of the most spellbinding clubs in town.