The Handbook
The Handbook

Buckingham Palace famously take their security very seriously. My car once broke down on Constitution Hill and I was swarmed with plain clothes policemen in minutes. So surprisingly, for a building that’s notoriously difficult to get into, they’re now making it incredibly tricky to get out. Welcome to the escape room.

So what is a Buckingham Palace escape room like? Do you have to crack the enigma code while Prince Harry stalks around dressed as a Nazi? Do you have to drink Princess Margaret under the table or wrestle to the death with a corgi? No, you have to solve Leonardo da Vinci puzzles to get out of a picture gallery.

A decade after every single person on the tube was poring over Dan Brown’s novels, the works of the the sixteenth century polymath, inventor and interior decorator are again the focus of scrutiny as you try your damnedest to get loose from the palace’s Royal Gallery. Leonardo Artmergency! is part of the gallery’s new Leonardo da Vinci: A Life in Drawing exhibition, which sees over 200 of the great man’s original drawings together in one place to commemorate the 500th anniversary of da Vinci’s death.

Running on Fridays and Saturdays through until October, expect a four-room experience of puzzles and riddles as you try and think your way out of Leonardo Artmergency!

So if you’ve been wondering why we’ve not seen much of Prince Philip lately, it’s probably because he’s stuck in The QUeen’s Gallery.