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The Handbook

It turns out that you need more than a couple tins of Farrow and Ball and a happenin’ Pinterest Board to create a sensational dining room. Laurence Llewelyn Bowen get in the bin, this is a real makeover! Scott’s, in Mayfair, fish restaurant to the stars, has just dropped a smooth £6-mil on their private dining room.

The not-so-snappily named Platinum Arowana Room comes with an illuminated floor made from semiprecious stone agate, light fittings from Lalique and sumptuous glass panelled walls. As you dine, make sure your chat is on serious A-game because all but the most punchy of ‘dotes is going to be overshadowed by the Renoir, Pisarro and Chagall paintings, casually lining the walls.

Obviously you don’t create the world’s most amazing dining room then serve cold sandwiches and WKD Blue, and predictably the menu is similarly impressive. The £200 a head menu starts with Golden Pearls caviar with lobster soufflé and shaved black or white truffle, followed by a mains of Newlyn Bay turbot served with hand-dived scallop and Oscietra caviar and roasted Black Angus chateaubriand.

Not to be outdone, the pudding includes actual gold (yes, gold) leaf salted caramel truffles, served with coffee, and pink Champagne and strawberry jelly with elderflower sorbet.

So if you’re keen to prove to your friends or clients that you’re as free and easy with cash as Scott’s is, then there’s no better way to demonstrate your utter profligacy than booking a table in The Platinum Arowana Room. Lick that gold like a toddler Gordon Gekko.

But, of course, we all know the real high rollers lounge on the terrace out front, watching Mayfair go by between puffs of cigar smoke.