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We’ve cancelled all our plans for the next eight weeks just so we can binge the new season of Love Island. And quite frankly, we’ve done it willingly! This year’s contestants have been revealed and we can already see the suspense (and drama) building. With only a matter of hours left before we see them take centre stage for the first time, we’ve got some facts (and secrets) to tell about the confirmed contestants…

So who is actually going in?

This year we’ll see a scientist, a firefighter, a boxer and even the UK’s Kim K joining the Love Island villa.

Amy Hart

Air hostess Amy has bagged herself a one way ticket out of the UK and onto the Island of love. The 26-year-old calls herself the Bridget Jones of the friends which either means she can’t bag a guy for long or there will be ultimate love triangle drama happening as soon as she hits the villa. That being said, she classes herself as tremendously loyal so we’ll see how long that lasts…

Sherif Lanre

Could he be this year’s Jack Fincham? This 20-year-old has said he’s always on a mission to get some laughs. That being said Sherif isn’t keen on being the centre of attention. But we’ll see how that bodes with a potential lover on the cards… Sherif is also a semi pro rugby player so the lads better not throw him under the bus, because, well he could do that quite literally.

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Good friends are food for the soul

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Amber Gill

Looking for a fit lad who doesn’t take themselves too seriously is Amber, a 21-year-old beauty therapist from Newcastle. This Geordie lass doesn’t want to tread on anyones toes when it comes to dating in the villa but she’s said she’s a bit of an opinionated type so who knows what drama she’ll cause. Having said she’s not into dating the ‘modern’ way, it seems pretty ironic she’s headed onto the biggest dating show to date…

Michael Griffiths

Someone call the fire-brigade because we’re burning up over this one… Cheeky chap Michael is a Liverpudlian firefighter on a mission to save his damsel in distress. If we know anything at all, it’s that he’s going to win you over with his charming smile. He’s said to be put off by a bad oder so let’s hope things don’t get too heated.

Curtis Pritchard

If you’re good on the dance floor you might have a chance with this one. Curtis is a professional dancer and is ready to waltz his way into the villa. Recognise the last name? He’s actually AJ Pritchard from Strictly Come Dancing’s brother and Curtis himself is on Dancing with the Stars Ireland! Some might say he’s on the arrogant side for confessing he finds himself attractive but if you’ve got the body, rock-a-billy it.

Yewande Biala

Do you know the periodic table off by heart? Because Irish gal Yewande certainly does. The 23-year-old scientist might be on the dramatic side but has she concocted a love potion to slip into her potential lovers drink? Girly girl at heart, Yewande confesses she’s not much of a flirt and struggles to find a lasting love. Let’s see if she bags the athletic type she’s after…

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Tommy Fury

Ready to knock out anyone who gets in the way of him finding love is professional boxer Tommy Fury. He’s not only looking for romance but also to spark up a new bromance, so watch out guys, this punching bag is on his way to win your heart too. Searching for anyone whose a little like Ariana Grande or a fiery shy girl.Β Will he win this match though?

Lucie Donlan

Hoping to ride some Spanish waves is Cornish surfer Lucie Donlan. Having dated Charlie Frederick, last year’s short-lived islander, Lucie is on the look out for another lad with blonde locks. Although she doesn’t consider herself a girly girl, you’d be forgiven if you were mistaken because her bikini ridden Insta account says otherwise…

Anton Danyluk

Ditching the gym for the next few weeks is Anton, a gym owner whose repping the Scots in this year’s villa. Admitting he cheated in his last relationship probably isn’t the best before heading onto the island so we’ll see how many people Anton ends up with… at one time.

Joe Garratt

Claiming he doesn’t have a particular type is Joe, a 22-year-old Londoner. He’s certainly hoping to bring some fun to the villa with his carefree attitude. Hoping to win over the ladies with a traditional take on romance, we’ll just have to wait and see whether his views live up to his actions…

Alex Vakili

Dubbed as the UK’s Kim K, the celebrity lifestyle isn’t brand new for Alex, having been seen partying with her sister and two Iranian footballers earlier this year… She sees herself as a little different to the typical contestant as she’s studied hard, got her masters and is now a pharmacist. She’s another one who has a dislike for bad hygiene so maybe her and Michael might get along.

Callum Macleod

Aircraft engineer, Callum, is serious when it comes to finding love and is looking for the real deal or no deal at all. Being a bit of a family man, we’re unsure how ‘far’ we’ll see this one go but only time will tell…

Love Island hits your screen on Monday 3rd June at 9pm on ITV2, prepare yourselves…