Cheezus, this restaurant looks like it’s gonna brie fantastic! If you’re a fiend for feta, and cheddar makes you giddy then we’ve found a grate place for you…

Coming to London is Pick & Cheese, the brainchild from the one and only Cheese Bar that has been the guilty pleasure of Londoners, and the cause of all sorts of eccentric dreams, since it opened! This brand spanking new venture has turned heads across the web already, offering up endless supplies of cheese, all delivered via a 40-metre conveyor belt!

Yep, think Yo Sushi meets cheese. Loads of cheese, in fact. The resto will exist within the new KERB street food market in Seven Dials, housing 38-seats where cheese aficionados will sit and compete against each other to grab the gouda and bagsy the brie.

In fact, over 25 cheeses will whizz past you at your table, all of which boast a contrasting condiment to please the eyes as well as the taste buds! We’re talking ricotta with sherry-infused cherries, or coolea with a hazelnut brittle. And, good news, all will be uber Instagrammable but we do advice using both hands to grab the cheese before someone else steals it away…

Natural and organic wine will be available to accompany the cheeses and we camembert the excitement. And, to add to the melt-in-your-mouth menu, expect cheese ice-cream too, and we ain’t joking! Ever wanted to try brie and blue cheese ice-cream? Well, now’s your chance!

So, if that’s all got your taste buds a’tingling then look out for the opening of Pick & Cheese inside KERB’s new Seven Dials Market in September,

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