Show Us Your Nuts: Magnum’s Ice Cream Pop-Up Just Went Sexual

By Phil Clarke, Editor of The Handbook website Phil Clarke |
15th July 2019

It’s summer, let’s crack open a magnum! Of Champagne? Rosé? No, of, um, Magnum. The ice cream.

As the summer heat starts to melt the tarmac, cars parked near the Walkie Talkie building, our minds, in fact everything, then what could be better than the cold, chocolatey embrace of a Magnum ice cream lolly? Well how about the cold, chocolatey embrace of a bespoke Magnum ice cream lolly with a jarringly sexual theme?

The summer’s ice-creamiest pop-up is back! If you walked past Regent Street’s Magnum ‘Pleasure Store’ assuming it’s just another upmarket sex shop, walk on back and you’ll discover something slightly more more wholesome. A shop dedicated to Magnum ice cream. And the selection of our favourite ice creams stretches beyond anything you can pick up in your local corner shop.

Ice cream used to have one job: be cold, tasty and calorific. In 2019 ice cream has to go way beyond that remit, with the Magnum Pleasure Store ‘designed to inspire people to live fearlessly and liberate themselves from whatever is holding them back’. To this end they’ve teamed up with Sink the Pink, a LGBTQI+ collective, and created a range of four surprisingly sexualised flavours including: Sink the Pink, That’s What She Said, Show Me Your Nuts and Blondes Have More Fun. Because, presumably, who doesn’t want to be reminded of testicles while they enjoy an ice cream?

For the real connoisseur, there’s the Magnum Chef’s Table experience. A chance to learn about how Magnum ice creams are made, discover more about the craftsmanship that goes into them and have a chance to get hands-on with the process.

The pop-up is sticking around until the end of August, so you’ve plenty of chance to make the most of it, just head down to Regent Street before 31st August, saunter in and demand ‘Show Me Your Nuts’. Just make sure you’re not in Hamley’s…

Magnum Pleasure Store is at 52 Regent Street, W1D 5BX, and entry is free. For tickets for the chef’s table, click here…


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