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The Handbook

If you decided to have a splash in the British sea under the moonlight, you’d end up with hypothermia. So when we found out Hampton Pool was running midnight swimming sessions in their heated pool, we freaked out! It’s time to whack out your favourite swimsuit and get your breaststroke on, we’re off for a swim!

If you fancy throwing on the arm bands and basking under the moonrays step forward, this South West London pool have come up with a genius idea, midnight swimming.

Hampton Pool is a 36 metre ‘hidden secret’ of a pool next to Bushy Park and it’s supposedly the hottest swimming pool in all of London, reaching a staggering 28 degrees. This balmy temp is a defo an added bonus as our British nights are known for being a little brisk to say the least.

The sessions run monthly throughout the summer with each one being as close to that month’s full moon as poss. We just hope there aren’t any werewolves lingering in the shadows…

The pool party kicks off at 10pm with the next session on Friday 26th July. The tickets snap up quick so it’s best to book in advance. Of course, it wouldn’t be a party with a glow stick so remember to grab yours and party the night away!

Hampton Pool: Book by calling 020 8255 1116, High Street, Hampton, TW12 2ST