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Sloane Rangers don’t like change, if it’s not from the ’80s then it’s Tears For Fears. Well the home of the Ranger, Sloane Street, is getting a Karma Chameleon makeover. And this change is going to be wonderful, dahling!.

Let’s face it, some of London’s streets are a little worse for wear. They’ve lost their glitz and glamour we all grew to love. Which is why we’re ecstatic more and more areas of London are getting a revamp, Sloane Street especially. Yep, it’s just been announced Sloane Street will be recieiving a £40 million makeover this Autumn!

Sloane Street has become a vibrant hub known for its luxury boutiques, and this autumn, it’s about to become even more bougie. The development is spearheaded by Cadogan, in partnership with the Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea, hoping to transform the iconic street into one of the world’s most beautiful luxury shopping boulevards.

So what’s in store for this royal street?

Well, for £40 million, you’ll be glad to know a lot’s about to change. The pavements are set to be resurfaced in traditional Yorkstone and silver-grey granite and are to be widened creating an elegant green boulevard. We’ll see trees and ornamental planting along the pavement edge, which will help absorb some of the nasty pollution floating the air. Plus, providing eager shoppers who’re weaving in and out of stores with a little shelter when it starts to downpour!

There’ll also be enhancing traffic flows for vehicles using Sloane Street in the aim of discouraging speeding cars through the street. It’ll be the first major revamp for Sloane Street since its original commission by the 1st Earl Cadogan in the 18th Century so it’s gonna be a pretty big deal.

We certainly can’t wait to be strolling along the new boulevard, Louis Vuitton in hand, but sadly we’ll have to keep ourselves busy for now as the renovation isn’t set to be completed for another three years!

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