Bloomin’ heck it’s hot. Granted it’s not 37 degrees anymore but it’s still practically tropical for us Brits. While we were all out sweating buckets on Thursday, the lucky sods over at K West Hotel and Spa were cooling down in their very own snow room. Yes, snow room! Cancel your facial plans, we’re headed to the Artic!

Okay, okay, we’re not hopping on a plane (just a tube to Shepherd’s Bush actually) but seriously who the heck thought of inventing a snow room?! The guy deserves a medal! As expected, K West Hotel and Spas’ snow paradise is filled with only the finest natural snow, so you can cool down in luxury (you won’t find any yellow snow lying around here…).

This Finnish-inspired experience was originally designed to cool you off after a cheeky sesh in the sauna, but right now all we can think about is chilling in this -15 degrees room to cool down from this freakin’ heatwave.

Of course, as it’s a spa treatment there’s health benefits to cooling off in the heat, bonus! To reap in all the health benefits, it’s advised to alternate between steamy and icy environments. It’s known as a hot-cold therapy, and the stimulation of the body’s circulation is created when adapting to sudden changes in temperature, providing some Brucie health benefits for your immune and respiratory system.

If you’re looking for something a little more normal, fear not, K West Hotel and Spa also offers a whole range of spa treatments that’ll leave you feeling refreshed from a tiring week. They’ve also got an epic hydrotherapy pool awaiting your discovery, with stainless steel recliners and a ceiling with twinkling lights (reminds us of those glow in the dark stars scattered across the every kids bedroom ceiling). Each spa experience is tailored to your personal needs so whatever you’re in need of, they’ve got you covered.

K West Hotel and Spa can be found at Richmond Way, Shepherd’s Bush, W14 0AX,

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