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Does your wardrobe look like a bomb went off in a bring-and-buy sale? Is your bedroom reminiscent of a changing room floor? If finding an outfit to wear on a night out involves sifting through five-year-old denims and Halloween costumes from circa 2005, then there’s a solution made specially for you. ELLE and Cosmopolitan are urging you to ditch your the clutter and the never-worn-it-never-wills, and replace them with something new and unique – welcome to the Comfort Swap Shop!

In partnership with The Prince’s Trust, the dreamy swap shop will take away the drama of stealing your flat-mate’s clothes and allow you to feast on a tapestry of hidden gems from leading retail charity, Oxfam. Simply take your pre-loved clothes along and have a rummage for gorgeous garments to exchange them with.

If, however, you’re struggling to part with that rainbow-striped fluffy jumper that you wear each time the trend comes back around and you’ve nothing to exchange then fear not – the Swap Shop will have clothes for sale too, with all proceeds go to the Prince’s Trust charity so it’s a real win, win!

Clothes are washed and refreshed using Comfort Intense and, what’s more, aside from all the haggling, rummaging and trying-on, the shop is 100% guilt-free, what with it being an environmentally-friendly swapping situation with money going to help young people secure jobs, education and training. A real win for the ethical-thinkers amongst us.

If an out with the neglected and in with the fabulous situation doesn’t pop a smile on your face, then perhaps the following will…

Amongst the nooks and crannies booming with Oxfam goodies, there’ll also be an edit curated by the ELLE team available for the taking. Plus, to grab the best garments, you can indulge in one of the free workshops where Sairey Stemp, Senior Fashion Editor at Cosmopolitan, and Molly Haylor, Accessories Editor at ELLE will discuss how to bag yourself a bargain and a job in the fashion industry, alongside expert styling tips.

A further highlight prompts you to make your mark on your new clothing items, and rightly so! The personalised embroidery pop-up will allow you add a little je ne sais quoi into the mix, creating snazzy custom designs with the aid of on-site embroiderer for the return of a £3 minimum donation to the Prince’s Trust.

It’s set to be a whopper of an event that’ll have you bagging clothes like they’re going out of fashion… as it were! So, if you’re like a magpie amongst shiny things then avoid a busy Black Friday-esque scenario and arrive early! Book your free ticket here


 The Comfort Swap Shop is located at 52 Brewer Street, Soho, W1F 9TQ and will run for five shop-till-you-drop days, starting on the 18thof July and finishing on the 22nd.