The Handbook
The Handbook

Whoever researched this is a total Saint. Seriously! All we want in summer is to get off that sweltering tube and sink a pint and this awesome map is giving  us the opportunity to do just that. Plus, they’re cheap!

Love is ale we need, and we’ve found it in the form of a tube map just in time for International Beer Day on the 2nd of August, courtesy of StoreKit being much less lazy than us and doing all the dirty work – gosh, give ’em a pint! They’ve rounded all of the best pubs near tube stations to sink a cheap as chips pint and it’s easy to navigate too. Hurrah!

As you may know if you’re a Londoner, or a poor tourist, our pints are pretty spenny! In fact, The Independent shone a light on just how spenny we’re talking, with one pint on record costing a whopping £22.50. Speedway Stout is sold by The Craft Beer Co, which has bars across the UK and, to be honest, it must be made from fairy dust or something at that price. Cor!

Luckily, the pints on this map are more in the £4-5 realm, with one as low as £1.89 at Wetherspoon’s The Oyster Bar (which is about to become our new favourite watering hole…)!

The result is a rather tiresome survey of 263 pubs across 270 stops. Whoever got the job of doing that, we salute you – have a pint on us… unless it’s £22.50.

So, from Kozels at The New Fairlop Oak to Gamma Ray at the Sutton Arms, this map is flipping unbeerlievable…

Take a look here!