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It is a truth universally acknowledged that an influencer in possession of a large following must be in want of a new, highly fashionable, coffee and cakes shop, ideally from a leading fashion house. And while there’s nothing like posting pics of an expensive Italian fashion brand to absolutely rake in the Insta likes, a Fendi bag will set you back three grand; which is where Fendi Caffe at Harrods comes in… a Machiato and cutesy bag biscuit will only set you back £4.75. Instant Insta fame on a budget.

Fendi Caffe is the next cataclysmic influencer magnet, if your feed isn’t already exploding full of pictures of Fendi branded coffee art, then maybe you’re one of the few people using the platform properly. For the rest of us, Fendi Caffe is joining the ranks of the Prada Café, Peggy Porschen and Biscuiteers. And, who knows, maybe amidst all the Insta people there maybe they’ll even entice in a real custumer.

Should they succeed to land a unicorn non-Insta-famous, then what can this civilian in the social media word actually expect? The fifth floor café is rather striking, as you’d expect for a fashion brand, with a monochrome theme thanks to visual artist Joshua Vides, who has combined his signature artwork with the Fendi FF logo at every single opportunity (FFS).

And to eat? If you were worried that a company more used to sewing leather bags might not be a natural fit when it came to great cooking, think again. The café has a range of Italian delicacies, not limited to the aforementioned biscuits shaped like handbags, but also bruschette and panini, various insalate options and an incredible array of baked goods. All of it, wherever humanly possible, branded with the FF.

The caffe’s open now, so charge up your phone, get your hashtags at the ready and head on down to Harrods now, or at any time throughout July and August.