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I’m a little skint right now, can you do me a solid and spare me a bit of cash? Seven million Euros should do it, but let’s round it to ten.

Fashion house Dolce & Gabanna is worth an estimated $5 billion, but they’ve another fashion house that’s on the market for just €7m. And this is an actual house, a house full of fashion (geddit?). Welcome to Dolce and Gabanna’s Sicilian pad, an entire property of hashtag goals; it’s up for sale, it’s incredible and we want it…

Do the carpets match the drapes? Well at Dolce & Gabbana’s place, the floor matches the walls, the table and the chandelier. The house is awash with colour, and seldom more so than this kitchen, breakfast room, with the walls covered in majolica, Italian tin-glazed pottery.

The Sicilian property overlooks the Med, sitting on Sicily’s Aeolian archipelago the views are only interrupted by Strombolicchio, a tiny volcanic island in the distance. The house can be reached by boat or helicopter with the island becoming famous in the 1950s when Roberto Rossellini filmed ‘Stromboli terra di Dio’ (Stromboli land of God) there. Or you might know it from the pizza flavour…

The house boasts seven bedrooms, each individually designed and furnished with local, artisanal furniture, using Dolce & Gabbana fabrics where possible.

The house was formed by merging three former houses into one, each typical local buildings, sat atop a spur of rocky cliff-face emerging from the sea. Created in the local style, the whitewashed exterior gives little away about what’s inside…

Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana bought the house in 1990, using it as a place to entertain celebrity guests. When the couple broke up in 2005, they kept hold of the property, and it’s easy to see why. As they often cite Sicily as a huge influence on their style and fashion, the house serves a purpose as more than just a place to hang out on hols, but the genesis of collections, a place where ideas are born.

The fine lace curtains gently shift in the wind, while the rooms flow between outside and in as you wander round the spacious house. Traditional furniture pieces give the house a timeless feel, while the aesthetic ensures that it’s nevertheless highly contemporary.

The house shares its island with very few inhabitants, it’s known as the wildest of the seven islands on the archipelago, and ever towering in the background sits the volcano Iddu (which means ‘Him’).

The brooding mountain remains active, and earlier this year recorded its largest ever eruption causing a rockfall that killed a hiker. But don’t think about that, just concentrate on the interiors. Which are also to die for.

The great and the good who have visited the house include super model Naomi Campbell and actress Emilia Clarke. And it’s very easy to see why this is the perfect place to host.

It’s unlikely that the pair are selling the house because they’re short of cash, they are both ‘worth’ billions of pounds and have properties across the world including a Stefano’s recent £15m purchase in Primrose Hill.

In the meantime, some lucky buyer will be lying back under the Sicilian sun and enjoying what has to be one of the most unique and beautiful houses in Italy if not the world. Potential buyers should get in touch with Lionard Luxury Real Estate. Form a queue here…