Being A Cheeseboard Influencer Is A Real Job And It Looks SO Gouda

By Lottie Hulme |
1st August 2019

We’ve all heard of influencers. We’ve all seen them at work too… curling up on cupcake lilos, posing by palm trees and bobbing about in brightly coloured ball pits. But, have you heard of cheeseboard influencers? A whole different kettle of fish, or board of cheese, if you will.

If you didn’t think there was such a thing as the perfect job, then cop an eye at what these cheddar-hungry tricksters do in their spare time. Yep, being a cheeseboard influencer is officially a thing, and it sounds pretty darn gouda…

Posting snaps of brimming boards of brie, cuts of camembert and slabs of Saint Agur is what this specific breed of influencers do. And, due to our love of cheese, their influence is becoming more prominent by the second.

The growing trend of cheeseboards on Instagram is lending to the success of the cheeseboard influencer, and paving the cheesy way is @thatcheeseplate, who has racked up just shy of 100,000 followers. So, the next time someone scoffs at you taking a shot of your food just fire up this account (which, whilst writing this, is giving me serious hunger pangs).

Chatting to Harper’s Bazaar, Marissa Mullen, brains behind @thatcheeseplate, said: “Back in 2013, I would go through the hashtags – #cheese, #cheeseplate – and like all the photos with the hashtags to grow my following.” Ah, the tricks of influencers.

Mullen has actually now quit her job to became a full time cheeseboard influencer, and we’re positively green with envy. But why do we love cheeseboards so much?

Well, a delve into the life of the millennial shows that we like cheeseboards because they’re easy to prepare (living into the trope of gen z’s being lazy) and cheeseboards are incredibly social too.

“Being able to have your friends over and create something with your hands that’s beautiful and exciting that you then can take a picture of, that’s been a big trend in the past year or so,” Mullen told Tatler.

Imagine being sat on the dinner table, post-grad, and being asked what you’re upto now. Only to reply saying you’re a cheeseboard influencer! This was something recent college graduate Grace Hagerty didn’t have to imagine, as the scenario presented itself one evening, over dinner. “I’m making a lot of charcuterie boards. I think that’s my new hobby,” Hagerty replied. And just like that, another cheeseboard influencer was born! You can check out @thegoudgouda here!

In fact, there are over 215,000 posts tagged with #cheeseplate showing we are utterly obsessed with all things cheese! Especially those vids of Raclette where they scoop out the middle, ugh it’s so good.

Cheeseboards are also an outlet for creativity. Gone are the days when a few slices of stilton graced the board. Now, there’s salami and pickles, grapes and quince huddled in, with hours given to the preparation process.

Mullen continued: “”A lot of people like avant-garde, different plates that normally you won’t see. I did a Game of Thrones plate, where I did a full rotisserie chicken and a baked brie… The themed, off-the-beaten path plates do really well because people love seeing cheese plates in not your normal context.”

If this sounds like your ultimate dream then you better get down to your nearest Sainso’s and grab the ingredients. Cheeseboard influencing here we come…

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