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The Handbook

Bob Bob Ricard has clearly made its mark, and boy are we glad! The Eurostar has epically announced a ‘push for Champagne’ button on its service meaning pop-across trips to Paris, and adventures to Amsterdam are about to get a whole lot boozier, with delightfully chilled Champers.

The bottle poppin’ service started this August, and means excitable earth explorers can find themselves some fizz by simple pushing a button. Gone will be the days of Heineken cans and Blossom Hill wine, now it’s getting boujee on the ol’ Eurostar, as the train service celebrates its upcoming twenty-fifth anniversary! All you’ll need to do is download the Eurostar app, and Bob (Bob Ricard’s) your uncle!

If this is all sounding a bit too good to be true, then that’s probably because it is. Unfortunately, the sexy Champers service will only run throughout August. Ready for the even smaller print? It’ll only be happening on Friday’s, only 25 passengers per train will be able to nab a glass, PLUS you’ll have to be travelling on the 5:01pm London-Paris train, the 5:13pm Paris-London train, or the 5:16pm London-Amsterdam train, but, still, it’s quite a coup! If you’re one of those people that’ll do anything for a glass of bubbles, then it’s time to book your next holiday at, specifically, 5:13!

We’re crossing our fingers, toes, and any other body part that is distinctly crossable in the hopes that the Champers service will be brought back again… permanently, perhaps? But, in the meantime, if you one of the lucky lads or ladies travelling on one of these services then get pressing those buttons faster than a Champagne bottle pops.

Cheers Eurostar!