The Handbook
The Handbook

It’s your first day as a trader at Stratton Oakmont, one of New York’s finest financial institutions, just watch out: the FBI are after you. Now, where’s those mirrors stacked with class-A drugs?

We love an immersive experience, we’ve been James Bond at Secret Cinema, channelled Cumberbatch at the Sherlock Holmes escape room and been murdered on the Orient Express at Funicular, and now we’re looking for our next immersive, and here it is: become trader, legend and criminal Jordan Belfort a.k.a. The Wolf of Wall Street for an evening.

Recreating the world of Stratton Oakmont, the 360 degree experience sees you meet characters and interact with events from Belfort’s life. As you do, FBI agents circle, waiting for you to trip up. Hit sales targets, grow the business and evade capture, all the while enjoying drinks and getting fully immersed (there’s a zero tolerance drugs policy, mind).

The 2,000-square-metre property is massive, spread over four storeys and 25 rooms all transformed into a 1990s New York City trading floor environment. The production is from the same people who brought us the Great Gatsby immersive experience, so expect great things.

Located in the actual financial district, near Liverpool Street, who knows – there’s always the chance that if you get the wrong address, walking into a real life bank and end up trading millions before realising your mistake…

Stratton Oakmont, 5-15 Sun Street, Liverpool Street, EC2M 2PT