The Handbook
The Handbook

On Wednesday’s we wear pink, and at DUO London we afternoon tea!

The Mean Girls afternoon tea that’s coming to London is proving that, in fact, you can sit with us, as the movie-themed treat swings open its doors… no burn books allowed. Whilst the Mean Girls afternoon tea might be trying to make fetch happen, we don’t care because we’re too excited. The tea has hop, bopped and whizzed across the pond to try and make us pile on the pounds, like Cady tried to do with Regina… but we’re going to comply and attend, even though we disagree, because that’s what the Mean Girls would do!

DUO London are set to be the hosts, and the tea is obviously going to be gloriously pink, as if Regina’s mom herself had put it together. So, aside from a cake filled with rainbows and smiles, what else can you expect? Well, there’ll be food. Lots of it. We’re talking Oh Boi pink velvet cake slices, The Meanest Girl chocolate cake with caramel and strawberry buttercream, and The I Hate You mini doughnuts.

Plus, DUO are proving they’re not a regular restaurant, they’re a cool restaurant, and will be laying on savoury snacks in the form of smoked salmon and chicken mayo, to vegetarian and vegans options like red pepper, aubergine, and pesto.

There’s also a burn book on hand for you to scribble down your frustrations with life. People who stop mid-walk on a pavement right in front of you, people that ghost you, those who play their music out loud on public transport, bus drivers who don’t stop for you despite waving your hand, landlords who… OK, sorry we’ll stop, you get the picture!

Get in loser, we’re going for afternoon tea…

Book the afternoon tea now! At DUO London, 20 Inverness Street, Camden Town, NW1 7HJ