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How do the A-listers end a big night OUT out? Well put it this way, you’re not gonna find Meghan and her squad carbon offsetting a drunken Uber down to Chicken Cottage. Since they don’t make McNuggets out of actual gold nugget, high society probably won’t bother, and KFC aren’t exactly sterling-silver-fish-knife-lickin’ good. But expect to see Rollers, Mercs and Astons queuing round the block down at Burger & Lobster today, because their new late night delicacy is lobster nuggets, and all the poshos are going to want in.

Set to be Kensington Palace’s Deliveroo favourite, Lobster & Burger’s spicy lobster nuggets are the latest ‘menu hack’ from the only London restaurant specialising exclusively in cow and crustacean. The dish is available only between the hours of 8pm and 10pm only on an under-the-counter basis. Punters must utter the GCHQ-defying ‘secret passcode’: “Spicy Lobster Nuggets” to unlock the delicacy, and at ¬£15.95 for six lobster nuggets even the most hard-up blue blood shouldn’t see the Coutts card declined.

The late(ish)-night-only treats are made with tender chunks of fresh Atlantic lobster, sustainably sourced from the coasts of Canada’s Nova Scotia and then coated in spicy batter. It even comes with its own¬†lemon dip or truffle mayo (truffle mayo every time, am I right?).

The cynics on The Handbook team wondered if this might be a nifty way of recycling the day’s unsold lobster meat, to which Burger & Lobster gave a shifty ‘we’ll come back to you’ response, but either way we just say “another half dozen please”!

Once the Made In Chelsea crowd, the Middletons, the upstairs folk from Downton, Benedict Cumberbatch and that chap off of the Pimm’s adverts get a whiff of this, Burger & Lobster will be wall-to-wall oligarch, so get in on the ground floor and order today!

Available from Tuesday August 27th at Burger & Lobster between 8pm and 10pm…