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The Handbook

Mini golf? Meh, we’re over it. Puttshack, on tee other hand, we can’t get enough of! These guys brought in genius tech to catch cheaters out so you’ll know how many times Aunty Linda *actually* hit the ball, and who the real winner is. So we’re super excited to hear that London’s best mini golf is launching a bunch of new venues all over the city so no matter where you are, you’ll be able to get down and dirty with a cheeky game of golf! So grab your club, tighten up your swing, because we’re headed for a Puttshack-athon!

Puttshack’s rapid expansion is huge news for any mini golf fans and their announcement to open three new venues with more to follow throughout the new year comes as no surprise. Because, there’s always a line of eager golfers waiting to take a punch at getting the best score. These exciting new venues are part of their huge expansion programme taking place over the UK, with a new venue set to be popping up every 12 weeks in 2020. Two new Puttshacks will be opening this year. One will be opening later this month at intu Lakeside, a buzzing new venue in Bank will be launching later this year, and they’ve just announced a fourth venue in Watford will open in the Spring. Thirsty work!

Long gone are the days of bickering friends over who’s cheating and fixing the results. Puttshack are on a mission to provide Londoners with the best mini golf experience in the city, and they’re certainly number one on our list thanks to their Trackaball™ technology.

Um, so what actually is a Trackaball?

Well the genius guys who came up with the revolutionary concept of ‘Topgolf’ developed a program specially for Puttshack, so that the ball knows who it belongs to, how many times it’s been hit, how far it’s been moved, and more importantly who’s blooming winning! So there can be no sneaky cheating when no-one is looking. And, believe me when I say I’ve tried to crack the system…

We are super stoked about the expansion. We’re just hoping one pops up around the corner from our office, hint hint.

Get your putt ready and keep up to date with all the Puttshack expansion news over on their website, you never know where one will be popping up… But for now, head down to their White City branch, at Westfield London, Ariel Way, W12 7HB,