The Handbook
The Handbook

Whale, whale, whale, what do we have here?

Sorry. Where was I? Ah, yes. London’s SEA LIFE is groovin’ things up for autumn, replacing boring old nights in eating soup with old episodes of Midsummer Murders playing in the background (gosh, that sounds awful), with the opportunity to dip beneath the surface, as it were.

Aquariums can be a total mare, right? Often, they’re littered with hoards of kids on school trips, all pressing their faces up against the glass… poor fish. But, the SEA LIFE lates will be adult-only, hurrah, and if you can think of anything better than that, let minnow…

Right, fish puns to one side (unless they’re kraken you up, that is), the VIP late openings will see you adorned with a glass of¬†prosecco before soaring past sharks, having a raucous time with the rays, and getting jiggly with the jellyfish.

OK, likelihood is you won’t be doing any of the aforementioned, instead being very ‘adult’ and doing that slow walk thing we do to look like we’re really taking in our surroundings. All we really want to do is run about like the kiddies, pulling our tongues out at angel fish…

The late night experiences will run on Friday, September 6th and Friday, October 18th and will see you walking across Shark Walk (utterly terrifying), popping into ray lagoon, and learning about the research and conservation work that Sea Life London does, utter superstars! Sadly, Penguin Point is not open on After Dark events.

For a night out with a salty twist it’s SEA LIFE London’s late night wanderings. Grab your tickets here!