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The Handbook

Humous is becoming a little like avocado – we’re finding ways to squeeze it into everything and now, in a sea of feta ice cream and butter in coffee, emerges the humous smoothie. A rare breed that we’re struggling to wrap our heads around, like, wouldn’t that be super hard to suck through the straw? And if someone asked if you wanted a chickpea smoothie, would you say yes? Because they’re pretty much the same right? So many questions.

Our quandaries comes after a food brand named Humpit have created one, posing the question of whether we like it or lump it! The alien milkshake incorporates chickpeas, banana and tahini – no milk, because they’re a vegan brand. Thoughts?

The folks also told “The 100% plant-based, super-tasty, gluten-free shake can be enjoyed by many as a pre-or post-gym treat”. Whilst we’re not entirely sure about the word ‘treat’ being used in this context, we’d definitely be willing to give it a try, we’ve deduced. Plus, it’s only £3 so it’s not too much of a splurge if you don’t like it.

The news of Humpit’s harrowing humous hunger-quencher has made us delve into more of its kind, to see if this is the next food trend we can expect. Apparently, NYC was the first place to introduce humous milkshakes onto menus, which is hardly surprising. No wonder it’s called the city that never sleeps – they’re up all night creating strange serves like this! Last year saw a few articles circulating around the matter but it seems to have died down on the humous front since. One website claimed ‘humous shakes are now a thing – and they actually taste good’. Oi, I think we’ll be the judge of that!

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They went on to say that the milkshakes taste savoury, not sweet, but we don’t really think you need to be a brain surgeon to recognise that…

They recommend subbing out tahini for sunflower seed butter, which sounds a little more tasty we must admit. We’ve also dug out a vegan chocolate humous smoothie on the random web. This one is served with cacao nibs and sesame seeds and looks pretty appealing to be honest!

So, whether you’re team humous shakes or a stern non-believer, we’re probably going to be seeing a whole lot more of the millennial trend in the coming months. Out with the avo in with the chickpea!