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Everyday we’re shown images of the crumbling environment, whether it’s footage of the Amazon rainforest in flames, or photographs oil spillages destroying the jet-blue ocean we’ve grown to know and love. The environment is a glorious place, and it’s in dire need of protecting from such catastrophes. It does seem, however, people are eager to do their bit to help, from replacing plastic straws with pasta and paper, or cutting back on their plastic intake. One restaurant soaring to go the extra step is SILO, the world’s very first zero waste restaurant.

Doug McMaster, the mastermind behind the zero waste restaurant, joined forces with CRATE Brewery as part of the brewery’s refurbishment plan. And, this October, the big smoke will see the world’s very first fully zero waste restaurant open its doors right here in London!

Back in February, CRATE Brewery in Hackney Wick set up a crowdfunding campaign, in hope of raising £500,000, to help remodel their home and bring the sustainable resto to the city. Rather impressively, the crowdfunding campaign has since raised just shy of a million pounds, and is on track for opening this October.

This isn’t the first we’ve seen of McMaster in the city. Back in 2017, he opened up Cub with Ryan Chetiyawardana, which also focuses intensely on sustainability, and SILO’s relocation hopes to go one step further, becoming the worlds very first zero waste restaurant. Sounds, er, easy right?

Well actually, it’s an incredibly challenging task. SILO London will be bringing its numerous years of experience in Brighton to the capital, following the same simple rules; respecting the environment, whilst generating delicious, innovative food.

So what does a zero waste restaurant actually look like? Well, it’ll be housed on the upper floor of The White Building, with interiors designed by Nina Woodcroft, who’s known for her focus on sustainable design, and material conservationist, Seetal Solanki. As you climb the cast-iron staircase, you’ll be greeted with views of the River Lea, before residing in the open space restaurant. Furnishings are to be made from post-industrial materials, while the kitchen will open with a roaring fire at the very centre.

Silo will be open in the evenings for dinner, with a changing menu, but we can expect to find dishes such as smoked violet carrots with egg yolks, and elephant garlic and Jerusalem artichokes charred on the fire and served with a stilton sauce and pickles. (Sounds pretty darn good to us!). While on the weekends, the restaurant will be open for brunch, with their own take on the classic brunch delicacies. As well as freshly made juices and kombucha that’s brewed onsite too.

As the opening fast approaches, keep up to date on their website. Silo London will be making its way to The White Building, Unit 7, Queens Yard, Hackney Wick, E9 5EN