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London is quickly becoming a serious contender to Paris for the title “City of Love”, but that may not actually be a good thing. The dating game is CROWDED, and it feels like a new app is appearing every week, each with a new gimmick to grab your attention. This is why people are yearning to return to meeting offline, but aren’t always sure the best way to go about it. The logical solution is dating events, but they can be weird or just flat out uncomfortable. This is why The Inner Circle is taking an already successful dating event formula, and flipping it on it’s head.

Meeting IRL can be scary, yes you can flirt with someone at a bar but the risks are higher it’s much more intimidating than just swiping on your phone. This is why The Inner Circle’s dating events are so popular. They started back in 2012 and take all the benefits of meeting online OR offline, and bring them together for an evening safe and fun flirting. But the most recent event took it one step further. 

The app invited its users to say if they were interested in meeting someone in real life, then handpicked 20 singles for maximum compatibility, and put them together for an exclusive cocktail masterclass run by Chambord. Using the same format that makes the app so popular (combining an approach based on legitimate compatibility with the flexibility to make your own choice), the event was a success, leading to a disproportionately high rate of singles scoring second dates.

“We know our regular events work” said an Inner Circle representative, “That’s why we run them so often in cities globally. But we also know that being thrown into a room full of attractive single people can be really intimidating, and large amount of choice is great but it means you won’t always get to talk to everyone who could be right for you.

“The idea was to try something super small, super intimate, and to concentrate what we already know works to maximise genuine romance. And it worked. We were so proud to see sparks flying all night, and people coming up to us saying how much of a good time they were having. Based on this, we’re planning on running more of these in London and rolling it out globally soon.” 

The Inner Circle regular events aren’t going anywhere either, the app is expanding its event selection based on how popular they’ve become. The best way to find the next one, and to get a ticket, is through the following:

1) Register for The Inner Circle here

2) See when the next event is and grab a ticket while you can

3) Show up, and prepare to be swept off your feet

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