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London will become a Whole New World with Darling & Edge’s performance of Aladdin and the Feast of Wonders… see what we did there?

Escape the post-summer blues by travelling to Aladdin’s home of Agrabah, without ever leaving the comfort of London. Wondering what the heck we’re talking about? Yep, so are we. But, we’ve heard on the immersive experience grapevine that you can now journey with Darling & Edge as they introduce Aladdin and the Feast of Wonders, an uproarious, immersive, adult pantomime that rolls a party, stunning performances and a mountainous five-course banquet all into one unforgettable, fairy tale evening.

You’ll join Aladdin and the Genie as well as all the other fan favourites as you’ve never seen them before. Tehe! Following the immense success of last year’s Beauty and the Feast, Darling & Edge have done it again, with another hilariously fun, grown-up panto, complete with astounding cabaret performers and dazzling drag artists, culminating in a wild street party.

Plus, Guests will be met with a vast array of foreign treats and rare delicacies such as jewel themed cocktails, exotic street food and innovative coffee infusions. So don’t leave your appetites at the door please! One thing you can leave at the door however are your manners, if you please, as you experience the story of Aladdin in a whole new light and ready yourselves to jump on the magic carpet and get transported to a distant world of lavish excess and raucous revelry. As if all this wasn’t enough, drag kings and queens will be present to provide guests with the performance of their lives, with everything coming together to make this subterranean immersive dining experience a night to remember, with swinging chandeliers and spinning disco balls.

The evening will take place in The Vaults below Waterloo Station, an impressive miscellany of tunnels and converted railway arches that provide the perfect level of unorthodox fun needed for such an extraordinary evening.

Rub the genie in a bottle & get tickets here.