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The Handbook

Things are getting weirder by the day here in London. From restaurants where cats can lap at milk whilst you sip your tea, to Michelin-starred chefs rustling up meals for pooches, it’s now best to just expect the weird and wonderful whichever corner of the big smoke you saunter to. Now, to add to the endearing list, a martini-filled townhouse in Shoreditch is arriving with gin to boot. But, if it were that simple, we’d likely not be writing about it… so, what’s the catch? Ah, well it’s filled with pygmy goats of course, what else? And whilst this might sound like a nightmarish dream you had just before your alarm went off, well, it’s not. It’s real, and here’s what we know…

The Gin Tini Martini Townhouse, as it’s called, will coincide with London Cocktail Week, offering the city very cute, small drinks created by some of the world’s leading bars. And if you’re starting to get the shivers at the thought of ‘small’ drinks then don’t worry, it’s not too baaaaaad. Hendricks Gin are opening the house on the 4th of October, to the sound of lots of tiny hooves clopping their way to the gin cupboard… and no, we’re not referring to the customers here but rather the pygmy goats who’ll be housed in the townhouse’s petting zoo, billed as therapy goats…

If that’s enough, on the miniature front, then how about entertainment in the form of music tinkled from tiny pianos? OK, OK, this is sounding more and more like someone has turned their eccentric dream into an outlandish reality! Plus, for each day the townhouse is in London, two top bars will go head to head in a gin martini challenge. This will include Two Schmucks (Barcelona) take on Super Lyan of Amsterdam, and Little Red Door (Paris) and Panda & Sons of Edinburgh battling it out!

Goat any final words? We do actually! All proceeds from the townhouse will be sent to Blackwater Alpacas, where the goats live. Cute!

*After writing this piece we’ve since been informed that the goats will no longer be making an appearance (sigh). However, as you can see from the above there’s still a whole host of incredible things to enjoy including, of course, the micro pianists and tiny artists

So, find all this goat/gin/anything else you can conjure up, action at OneRoom, 9 French Place, E1 6JB, and tickets are right here!