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The Handbook

It’s distinctly ‘not normal’ for a venue’s loos to make the headline and there are a few that warrant the attention, Sketch of course, and alongside them Annabel’s. Well the world famous members’ club now has two new-look bathrooms AND a new Italian restaurant to boast about, and we’re already going mad for them!

Two years after (re)opening the smartest doors in Mayfair, Annabel’s has decided to build on their winning formula, by opening Matteo’s. If you thought the Prada bakery or Fendi’s ‘caffe’ at Harrods were the ultimate in Instagrammable Italians, then prepare to have your social feeds flooded by Matteo’s (if only discretely, given the photo policy at the club is tight!).

Firstly, it’s Martin Brudnizki designed (honestly, what isn’t right now?) so expect all the usual banquettes, soft colours and understated opulence that comes with that. Think 45 Jermyn Street, Sexy Fish,  Coral Room, Scarfe’s, Smith & Wollensky and so on and on and on.

And the food? French fries are Annabel’s members’ favourite food, they served over 9,000 portions of the things last year! But we’re guessing the Italian menu will be somewhat more refined. And Italian. We already know that linguine alle vongole and Sicilian pistachio gelato will be on offer, and we presume they’ll be beefing up the menu beyond those two items. Watch this space and we’ll make sure it gets pasta on…

Drinks-wise, the club already has the world’s largest collection of tequilas outside the Americas with over 500, and this will be rivalled by the arrival of the world’s largest selection of Dom Perignon thanks to Group Head Sommelier, Clement Roberts.

But far more importantly, what do we know about the Brudnizki bogs? Of course, not too much yet, but they’ll be bringing two totally new bathroom ‘concepts’ online in time for the unveiling of Matteo’s and we’ve never been more excited to see a lavvy since the last time we ate too many room temperature oysters.

The opening is slated for October, so there’s still a little wait to go, but as soon as we have any more pictures or news, we’ll make sure you’re in the loop!