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Book Earl-y: Downton Abbey’s On Airbnb

The Handbook
By Phil Clarke | 18th September 2019

Feeling the pinch? Got a spare room? Why not Airb’n’b it? The Countess of Carnarvon has come up with a nifty wheeze to make ends meet down at Highclere Castle, where her and the Earl will be Airb’n’b-ing a room in the home of Downton Abbey.

Uncannily timed to coincide with the recent release of the Downton Abbey movie, one lucky Airb’n’b-er will be able to live like Hugh Bonneville or Maggie Smith as they occupy a king-sized bed in one of the most famous stately homes in the world as the guests of real-life Downton Abbey owners Lord and Lady Carnarvon. And despite having over 300 rooms, the mansion will only be selling one room for one night, making this incredibly rare and exciting. And, at £150, pretty good value.

So what do you get?

Dinner with your hosts, served by a butler (obvs) in the state dining room, followed by coffee in the library before retiring with your guest to your huge room overlooking views of over 1,000 acres of rolling  parkland.

Facilities include an ensuite bathroom, coat hangers (important), shampoo, bed linen and, importantly, toilet paper (very civilised people, the Carnarvons). They don’t, however, extend to wifi, air-con or a telly. You also won’t have access to a washing machine, in case you were planning a quick spin cycle.

How do you apply? You have to be set up on Airb’n’b, have positive reviews (no wreckers!) and apply on 1st October at midday.

Check out the listing here…