The Handbook
The Handbook

Beware! You’re about to be catapulted into a tantalising taste adventure, hidden deep inside Gingerline’s secret headquarters. That’s right, the Gingerline creatives have been hard at work creating the next of their latest interactive multi-dimensional dining experience, Chambers_ (no, not a typo).

Returning to Gingerline’s Hoxton HQ, Chambers_ returns with a brand-new dining adventure, and even a shiny new name. And in true Gingerline style, it’s super top secret so we’ve just broken down the gist of the experience just for you. But shhh, don’t tell anyone!

This summer, adventurers will embark on a two-hour playful endeavour through five different dining dimensions. In each realm, you’ll find a new flavourful course prepared by Gingerline’s sister company, Flavourology. Once again, because it’s Gingerline, you won’t find out the menu until you reach each portal, but judging by the previous standards we’re certain it’ll be a good’un, filled with daring flavour combinations that’ll tantalise your tastebuds!

Pioneers of immersive dining, Gingerline was born out of founders Susannah Montfont and Kerry Adamson’s love of hosting supper clubs. From this, they’ve created a whole new way of dining through engaging theatrics and superb food.

Chambers_ is the fourth in its series and the first month’s preview tickets sold out in just 48 hours! Each of the previous chapters has brought together art, performance, food, drink and design, propelling diners from the real world and into magically imaginative alternative realities. Sounds intriguing, right?

Gastronauts will receive a text message with the exact coordinates on the day of their adventure. As you make your way through each dimension, make sure to keep on your toes as beyond each room sinister forces might well be at play… You’ll have to work as a team to push beyond the known limits of the dining dimensions and remember… Only the brave will dine.

Tickets for Gingerline’s latest immersive dining experience are on sale now! Grab them while you can!