I don’t know about you but I’ve found myself barely adulting my way through my twenties. I mean, seriously, what happened to the wondrous days where it was acceptable to throw yourself headfirst into a ball pit without a care in the world? Actually, hold that thought. While we can’t quite promise we’ve found a way to ditch your impending bills or skyrocketing rent prices, we can promise that you’ll certainly be able to channel your inner child and go balls deep at Ballie Ballerson’s latest whacky ball pit opening!

That’s right, the crazy cats over at Ballie Ballerson have just announced they’ll be bringing us Londoner’s more balls of fun as they set out to open their second glowing ball pit, and it’s rolling its way into Soho on the 27th of September, yippeeee!

As you can probably see from the photos, Ballie Ballerson isn’t home to just your average bar; it’s home to one hella’ glowing ball pit! Imagine thrusting glowing balls around all the while sipping on sensational cocktails, and grooving it out as DJs pump out the tunes into the early hours.

Filling the city with balls of fun since its first tiny pop-up bar back in 2016, Ballie Ballerson help take us weary Londoner’s out of our monotonous everyday work cycle by catapulting us with childish fun, mesmerising entertainment and, of course, a tantalisingly good selection of dreamy cocktails (duh!). This scandalous Soho location will hold 6,000 square feet of ball pits. One pit will be glowing, and the other is set to have a ‘Soho specific theme’, whatever that’s supposed to mean…

Thanks to its lucky Soho location, you’ll be partying away the weekend in Soho Style as this ball pit doesn’t have a 4pm curfew like your childhood favourite. This ball pit of dreams is open ’til 4am on the weekends! Yep, you read that correct so it’s time to waltz your way down the stairs of this underground bar, dive headfirst into the glowing pit of balls, and prepare to dance the night away.

Oh, and did I hear someone say unlimited pizza and free-flowing pornstar martinis? Um, heck yeah I did! Join in the best pizza party in town at Ballie Batterson before cannonball jumping into one of their mega ball pits!

Ballie Ballerson will be rolling its way into Soho on 27th September, at 53-55 Berwick Street, Soho, W1F 8SP, www.ballieballerson.com