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After a day strolling the city, your pores are clogged, nostrils are full of black-like soot as if you’ve been stuck up a chimney like Oliver Twist all day, and you’re left yearning for a long ol’ shower to scrub the smog off your skin. London, like most cities, is well and truly known for its polluted airs and skyscrapers, and some initiative is needed to tackle the problem. Well, lucky for us Londoner’s, Sadiq Khan announced that on 22nd September, London’s car-infested streets will be no more as the city’s going car-free! Well, for one day at least.

Londoner’s will be encouraged to ditch the car and commute to work on foot, bicycle, skateboard or scooter. You get my drift – basically any emission-free transport you can think of. An impressive 18 of London’s boroughs are jumping on board with the challenge, and 20 kilometres of roads across the centre of London are due to be closed. So if you’re after a taxi around the Tower Bridge area, hop on a Santander bike, otherwise better luck next time because you’ll be waiting all day!

It’s all in a bid to tackle climate change face-on and reiterate the dangers of the toxic air we’re breathing in, because is London’s pollution harming us? But it’s not all doom and gloom though as communities across the city are able to apply for a designated ‘play street’. This ultimately means there’ll be free activities and entertainment without the fear of being ploughed down by a beeping taxi, yippee!

These activities include a whole host of cycling fun with e-bike rides and street spin classes; exercise and fitness ventures including skate ramps and pop-up playgrounds for the kiddies; guided walks and treasure hunts in and around the City of London and Southwark; arts and crafts marquees; and themed sporting events, fit for all the family. So prepare yourself for the ultimate skipping championships and biggest game of hopscotch your eight year-old self would be envious of!

If you can’t bare the thought of no vehicles, then don’t fear, as certain roads will remain open for bus routes. Plus there will be dedicated taxi drop off zones for people with accessibility needs to attend the free events.

London’s car-free day commences on 22nd September from 10:30am until 5pm. Find out more about the routes and activities at

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