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From Idris Elba launching a cocktail bar named Parrot to David Beckham taking over a West London boozer, there’s really no shortage of celebs turning their hand to food and drink. Now, things are about to become even more random as Lewis Hamilton, as in racing driver Lewis, is launching a vegan burger chain in the city… and it’s driving us crazy with excitement (geddit, driving?).

OK, perhaps reading that you might think it’s somewhat bizarre, however Lewis did announce he’d become vegan in 2017 and, since, he’s been working with several investors to launch Neat Burger which has been described as the “first plant-based sustainable burger chain of its kind”.

If you’re getting ready to speed down for a meat-free burger then you’ll have to zip across to Regent’s Street, which will be the home to Lew’s new joint. Plus, if you’re not in London, why not head to any of the other 14 (yes, 14) other franchises in Europe, the US and Middle East in the next two years. Clearly Lewis is as fast at opening restaurants as he is on the tracks!

What else do we know? Well, we know that the burgers on the menu at Neat Burger have been created in collaboration with plant-based meat alternative company Beyond Meat – yum! And that we don’t actually have to wait long… because it opens today! We also know that the restaurant is the result of a partnership between Hamilton, Cream Group, and Beyond Meat’s Tommaso Chiabra for the project, and that the Insta bio states “plant based, sustainable burgers-dedicated to feeding you with one hand & saving the world with the other,” which they’re staying true to by stocking Just Water, Jaden Smith’s eco-friendly water brand. If the aesthetic of the Insta is anything to go by then Lewis, we’re already loving it!

Anyway, let’s get back on track… Neat Burger is open now, and if you’re still reading this then you’re missing out on a whole lotta vegan bap action!

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