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The Handbook


Theatre company, House of Kittens, has returned with a whole host of raunchiness and erotic storytelling with new venture Amatory Asylum. Intrigued? Well, let Dr Lili La Fleur, head of the Asylum and presiding physician of sexual psychological studies, stir you in the right direction…

The theatre company seeks to dazzle with its exploration of performance art, with shows designed to examine and interpret the endless expression of pleasure. As The Telegraph so knowingly puts it: “The time could well be ripe for sexing up British theatre.And for those who are curious, a whole menagerie awaits.”

If you’re still wondering what the heck is going on then, yes, us too. What we do know is that audience members are invited to embrace immersion, and adopt the role of medical observers in a surreal and sensual world. You’ll be transported swiftly away from London’s business, into an unknown realm punctuated with inflammatory experimentation,  dark desires and sexual liberation…

Amatory Asylum displays ground-breaking techniques in psychosexual therapy – no prudes allowed! But, we’re told, guests are also given an antidote via an apothecary vile to keep their cravings at bay!

The outrageously extra event takes inspo from cult films, high fashion, musical icons, and underground art, all housed inside the stunning settings of newly reopened Wellington Members Club on Jermyn Street, across two decadent and detailed floors.

Dress code? Elegant, medical or fetish, darlings. Or, if you can hack it, then why not all three! Plus, the drag and disco, kink and high-kicks goes on until late, so clear the diary for the day, or two, after…

House of Kittens Amatory Asylum will sashay your way on various dates at Wellington Members Club on Jermyn Street Thurs 10th & Fri 11th October, Halloween on Thurs 31st October & Fri 1st November and, finally, Thursday 14th & Friday 15th Nov Buy your tickets here!