How To Turn 25 Days Annual Leave Into 51 Days Holiday in 2020

By Phil Clarke, Editor of The Handbook website Phil Clarke |
3rd September 2019

Along with plagues of frogs, locusts and the slaying of first-borns, sits the curse of working between Christmas and New Year. And if this year you’re down for the graveyard shift, slogging away beneath forlorn seasonal lengths of tangled tinsel, then you’ll doubly kick yourself – for just five days annual leave you could’ve scored a whole twelve days continuous leave!

Fear not, 2020 will be different; new year, new hols. It’s time to turn your meagre 25 day holiday allowance into a whopping 51 days leave.

To start as we mean to continue, get onto your boss now and take off Thursday and Friday second and third of January 2020, those two days leave will buy you five days holiday, so while your colleagues are battling New Year hangovers and commuting in the drizzle, you can continue the Christmassy vibes, wrapped like a pig in a blanket right into the second week of the month.

Two days down, another 23 to spend…

Don’t be an April fool, make the most of an early Easter to bag sixteen days holiday from eight days allowance, taking off Monday sixth April to Thursday ninth, then Tuesday 14th until Friday 17th, as you take advantage of the long Easter bank holiday weekend.

May is different this year, rather than give us an extra day holiday to celebrate VE day, the 75th anniversary of the end of the second world war in Europe, the miserly government has simply shifted the usual May Day bank hol from the Monday to Friday. Nevertheless, take off the Monday ‘thru’ (as the Americans say) Friday from fourth to seventh May and you’ll grab a nine day getaway, a trick you can easily replicate at the end of the month, taking 26th to 29th of the month as leave. 18 days off in May, albeit in return for eight days holiday isn’t all that bad.

You could even blow fifteen days of your annual figure, and sit out the entirety of May, making 15 days holiday worth 31 days away from the office, though don’t necessarily expect your job to be waiting for you when you get back!

Assuming you kept May to the nine days, you’ve still got 15 days remaining, nice going…

Granted, August bank holiday is the most expensive time you could possibly choose to go on holiday, but you can at least bask on a double price sun lounger in the knowledge that you’re getting a day’s extra holiday, taking another nine days off with just four days holiday burnt. Book off September first until the fourth.

And then there’s the long long wait between August and Christmas, but come Christmas time you’ve got ten days holiday from taking just three days leave, which is a better present than socks. Christmas day falls on the Friday, so work until Christmas Eve and then Monday is Boxing Day so you take off Tuesday until Thursday, before Friday New Year’s day gives way to the weekend, and Monday it’s into work again.

Say thank you in January 2021. And before we go to press, I’m just going to forward this article to HR and beat the rush…

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