We live in uncertain times. A potential no-deal Brexit looms over us, along with the shortages, uncertainty and civil unrest that it might bring. Our closest ally is (also?) run by a leader with apparent megalomaniac tendencies. And the price of Freddos is going up again! Surely at such a crucial moment art should be our last consideration? Certainly not! According to the Moniker Art Fair argue it’s more important than ever.

The tradition of art as a form of protest, as a political tool, as propaganda goes back centuries, and in turbulent times it’s more important than ever. The Moniker Art Fair presents itself as a call-to-arms for people to unite in the face of wide-spread division and a site for protest and change in the midst of the most turbulent political climate since the civil war. Celebrating its tenth year since launching, the Moniker Art Fair heads to Chelsea to unveil an international line-up in partnership with Berlin’s Urban Nation.

In an age of borders, be they of the ‘build that wall’ nature or Brexit backstop in form, the landmark anniversary fair line-up will highlight the international and borderless nature of Moniker’s work, with artists from around the world drawn from the cutting edge of urban art and culture.

Central to the five day art fair, the installation hall, dubbed Dear George, the UNion is Cross, brings the best of Britain’s street artists to respond to Brexit and consider the future of the country.

Symbolically, the Moniker Art Fair makes the move from Shoreditch to Chelsea this year, planting the flag of Urban and Street art right in the centre of one of London’s most international boroughs, bringing the conversation, and protest, to SW3 as well as embracing its transient roots as it relocates.

The fair has worked alongside Berlin’s contemporary art museum, Urban Nation, an international institution for art, creative projects and social exchange promoting the power of art as a social architect. A mission that is exactly what the Moniker Art Fair aims to emulate.

If you want to understand the political powers and changes that are rocking the country and the world, then you need to visit the Moniker Art Fair, which will be held at the Chelsea Sorting Office between Wednesday October 2nd and Sunday October 6th.

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Chelsea Sorting Office, 90-100 Sydney Street, Chelsea, SW3 6NJ