The Handbook
The Handbook

Are you a pilot? Because you’re pretty fly to me…

Oh dear. Anyway. This November, you can rid yourself of that dastardly fear of flying by taking on The Riddle Within’s new immersive experience. It’ll take you to new heights, like, literally.

Popping up within the grounds of Greenwich, Flight 338 is stuff of nightmares for those who quake at the thought of turbulence.

Things get off to a flying start (see what we did there?) as you’ll be handcuffed and dressed in prison garments. Yep, this experience is a little on the quirky side! Then, in a decommissioned jet plane, you’ll have to work against the clock to solve clues, overcome obstacles and work with your team members (no squabbling allowed).

As described by The Riddle Within team:

“You find yourselves thrust back together with the old faces. Faces you last saw obscured by balaclavas and in the midst of a high speed pursuit many years ago….faces that bring back memories of the old ways. Old ways you will need more than ever if you are to escape into the sunset and finally disappear

You are being readied for transportation on board prisoner shipping plane: Flight 338, but there is one member of the gang they didn’t find. He has caused a disruption at the airstrip and left some things on board which you might just find useful, but is everything quite as it seems?”

Basically, you’re an ex-convict who’s been out of the game, and you’ve just been framed and sent off to prison to serve a life sentence… as ya do! So, you’ll have to use your gangster mind to solve the tasks and break out of your chains. Eugh, sounds dreamy!

The Riddle Within are also behind Chernobyl: 10 seconds to midnight based on the HBO drama which will take place from Jan 2020. During this, groups will be presented with a unique set of intense puzzles to be solved. The Chernobyl nuclear reactor is on the brink of meltdown, and the control room is under lockdown. Wow, don’t both of these escape rooms sound delightful!

Buckle up, it’s time for takeoff…