We’re Bricking It: Become A Pro Jenga Athlete This Weekend

By Phil Clarke, Editor of The Handbook website Phil Clarke |
4th September 2019

Being a top flight athlete is lucrative work. Lewis Hamilton is paid close to £100m a year; Tiger Woods received around £40m in sponsorship alone last year; Usain Bolt’s on track to clear the £100m hurdle. And now you have the chance to join their ranks. Yep – this weekend you can become the Cristiano Ronaldo of Jenga, and pocket a prize pot of £500.

Get your surgeon-steady fingers at the ready, London’s first ever Jenga championship launches at SFG Club this Saturday. Set over a circuit set to test even the most Norman Foster of tower builders, Roof East’s sky-high venue will see participants in teams of two battle it out to win the £500 prize fund.

As well as regular Jenga, expect to have your Jenga-ing put to the ultimate test in the form of ‘fat glove Jenga’, which (clue’s in the name here) will pit Jenga-ists against not only each other, but the added challenge of a pair of ski gloves.

Entry is £10 per team, for which you receive two free Grey Goose Cocktails per person (so your already in profit) and a pair of matching sweatbands (you had me at ‘sweat’…).

Runners up will receive a gold Jenga set (the thinking man’s version of Udi Hussein’s golden AK47), £100 (tidy), a £50 bar tab (fine) and an SFG Club experience for two (mystery).

The only downside is going to be your Jenga tower tumbling to the floor. 

The event takes place at SFG Club, Level 8 Car Park, Roof East, Stratford Centre, Great Eastern Way, Stratford, E15 1XE

Get tickets here…

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