Think that a pergola is a type of washing line? Get in the Thames. As every self-respecting Londoner knows, Pergola is one of London’s leading rooftop venues, the home of up-high eating and drinking and, The Handbook is first to reveal, will be launching an all-new, fully covered, urban winter forest. Oh, and a pergola is a type of washing line too.

Pergola Paddington’s back for its third winter in a row and the rooftop has been weatherproofed (technically making it not a rooftop at all) and is set to be turned into an urban winter hideaway right in the middle of London. Expect a fully redesigned bar area, covered in fairy lights. Can’t see the wood for the trees? You will at Pergola Paddington as there’s a brand new array of seasonal foliage and trees, making for a near-Narnia experience, except rather than entering via wardrobe guests will arrive through an all-new tunnel of stars!

The venue will be teaming with some of London’s top traders, seving seasonal dishes and winter-warming cocktails. The likes of An Choi, Babek Brothers, Temaki Bros and Smash Patty will all be creating Christmas specials five days a week, backed by the beats of the in-house DJ into the night.

How long do you have to wait for this delight? About four hours, Pergola Paddington’s Urban Winter Forest opens TODAY! What are you waiting for, book now at the link below?

5 Kingdom Street, Paddington,
W2 6PY